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Photo-Fiction, a Non-Standard Aesthetics
by François Laruelle
translated by Drew S. Burk
November 15, 2012
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An attempt at inventing a new genre of aesthetic thinking where thought itself can become a form of art.

20 years after cultivating a new orientation for aesthetics via the concept of non-photography, François Laruelle returns having further developed his notion of a non-standard aesthetics. Published for the first time in a bilingual edition, Photo-Fiction, A Non-Standard Aesthetics, expounds on Laruelle’s current explorations into a photographic thinking as an alternative to the worn out notions of aesthetics based on an assumed domination of philosophy over art. He proposes a new philosophical photo-fictional apparatus, or philo-fiction, that strives for a discursive mimesis of the photographic apparatus and the flash of the Real entailed in its process of image making. “A bit like if an artisan, to use a Socratic example, instead of making a camera based off of diagrams found in manuals, on the contrary had as his or her project the designing of a completely new apparatus of philo-fiction, thus capable of producing not simply photos, but photo-fictions.” One must enter into a space for seeing the vectorial and the imaginary number. Laruelle’s philo-fictions become not art installations, but "theoretical installations" calling for the consideration of the possibility of a non-standard aesthetics being of an equal or superior power to art and philosophy, an aesthetics in-the-last-instance which is itself an inventive and creative act of the most contemporary kind.

François Laruelle is professor emeritus at the University of Paris West Nanterre La Défence and the inventor of the science of philosophy, non-philosophy.
Drew S. Burk is a cultural theorist, editor, and translator of contemporary French philosophy.

Lecture on the Generic Orientation of Non-Standard Aesthetics

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Tags: Theory and Philosophy, Fall 2012, François Laruelle