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Dictionary of Non-Philosophy

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Dictionary of Non-Philosophy
by François Laruelle
translated by Taylor Adkins
May 22nd, 2013
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An insightful guide for wandering within the territory of non-philosophy.

In Dictionary of Non-Philosophy, the French thinker François Laruelle does something that is unprecedented for philosophers: he provides an enormous dictionary with a theoretical introduction, carefully crafting his thoughts to explain the numerous terms and neologisms that he deems necessary for the project of non-philosophy. With a collective of thinkers also interested in the project, Laruelle has taken up the difficult task of carefully crafting an essential guide for entering into his non-standard, non-philosophical terrain. And for Laruelle, even the idea of a dictionary and what a dictionary is, becomes material for his non-philosophical inquiries. As his opening note begins, “Thus on the surface and within the philosophical folds of the dictionary, identity and its effect upon meaning are what is at stake.”

François Laruelle is professor emeritus at the University of Paris West Nanterre La Défence and the inventor of the science of philosophy, non-philosophy.
Taylor Adkins is a PhD candidate in comparative literature at Emory University. He is a founding member of the blog Fractal Ontology and has also translated work by Felix Guattari.

Parrhesia: No 20, 2014 - Dictionary of Non-Philosophy

François Laruelle's Theory of the Non-Philosophical Dictionary

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