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Utopia from Thomas More to Walter Benjamin
by Miguel Abensour

Excerpt, Walter Benjamin, the Sentry of Dreams

Utopia from Thomas More to Walter Benjamin 250Utopia or catastrophe? Let us begin by noting that such is the alternative that Walter Benjamin patiently elaborates, and not the facile association of these two terms that entails so much of our contemporary resignation as well as a hatred of utopia. These are two slopes down which it is all too easy to slip. read more

Interview with Philosopher and Schizoanalyst, Peter Pal Pelbart

ppp 2"this way of creating silences so that unpredictable, previously unformatted things may emerge, is what some artists, creators, and also some collective experiments, try to maintain today. They try to produce another rhythm, another breathing, other emptinesses, other silences, so that something may make sense once again." read more






Didactic Poetries
by Philippe Beck
Excerpt, 25. Drilling for Petroleum

Didactic Poetries CoverThe passion for petroleum,
devouring the jungle-lung,
jungle as tremendous
as the sky,
and other passions
remotely operated following a first
passion, up close,
create a tragedy.
Everything unilateral
is lethal
... read more


Being a Skull
by Georges Didi-Huberman
Excerpt, Being a Dig

Being a Skull CoverSo, how do we identify the problem? How does sculpture think?
How does sculpture sculpt time? How does sculpture proceed
along with this time itself — memory, present, protension toward
the future — in order to disrupt our familiar spaces, that is, to disrupt
our insides, to “touch” us with places, the aîtres that it invents?
.... read more






Grafts: Writings on Plants
by Michael Marder
Excerpt, 25. Deleuze's rhizome (or, in philosophical defense of trees)

Grafts CoverWith deforestation claiming seventeen percent of the Amazonian rainforest in the
last fifty years alone, who would have thought that trees would need to be defended
from… a philosophical onslaught? Let alone from an attack that would come from
the most unlikely of corners, occupied by the trendy representatives of French
..... read more






Desert Dreamers
by Barbara Glowczewski

Excerpt, Chapter 2, A Warlpiri Family

Desert Dreamers N250With his shaggy beard and white hair tinged with red ochre, Paddy Gibson Japaljarri
leaned across a big canvas spread on
the sand. I was seated on the ground in the camp
of a Warlpiri
tribe watching with fascination the slow gestures of the old Aboriginal man
in his jacket and turned-up trousers. He dipped
a match into a pot and marked a series
of small yellow dots, following
the contours of the colored arabesques that blazed on

the canvas.... read more





A Love of UIQ
by Félix Guattari

A Love of UIQ 250We’re always wondering whether there might be life or intelligence on other planets,
way up in the stars ... but we never ask ourselves
about the infinitely small ... maybe
it could come from there, from
a universe that’s even smaller than protons, electrons,
This is how Axel, a young biologist in his early 20s, reveals to Janice (a student
dropout of about the same age) the amazing
discovery he has just made.... read more






The Different Modes of Existence
by Isabelle Stengers and Bruno Latour
Excerpt, Introduction, The Sphinx of the Work

thedifferentmodesofexistence 250What we have here is the forgotten book of a forgotten philosopher. But not the
book of some wretched philosopher sequestered in his attic, working up, unknown
to all, a radical theory whose fate was to end up the object of general derision
(before perhaps gaining some belated recognition). On the contrary, Étienne Souriau
(1892–1979) forged a good career, accrued responsibilities and honors, and was
bestowed with all the rewards held in store by the Republic for its deserving progeny.
Today, however, his name and his work have disappeared from memory, like a liner
going down at sea, to be covered over by the enclosing waters..... read more




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