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  • The Anguish of Thought

The Anguish of Thought

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The Anguish of Thought
by Evelyne Grossman
forthcoming August 2017 
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A groundbreaking philosophical and literary inquiry into Modernist thinkers and their relation to anxiety and writing.

Who has not experienced that irksome, indeterminate disquiet that silently swells and proliferates, radiates, returns in waves: a knot in the pit of one's stomach, a clasp around one's throat, an inability to breathe, palpitations, a band around one's ribcage or the painful cramping of muscles? Anxiety is the obligatory gateway into writing: it is one’s confrontation with the feeling of powerlessness and anguish when faced with the task of thinking.

This is not the familiar anxiety of our most intimate fears, however violent they might be. Nevertheless, it is by exploring these same pathways that twentieth century thinkers such as Artaud, Blanchot, Derrida, Beckett, and Levinas set out to create new modes of thinking. All of them evoke the remarkable creative force residing at the heart of this negative anxiety. The anguish of thought would thus denote this experience of writing — as joyful as it is maddening — wherein I think outside Myself.

Evelyne Grossman has written a number of books on the work of Modernist thinkers including La défiguration: Artaud, Beckett, Michaux and Artaud, l’aliéné authentique. A former student of Julia Kristeva, her work explores the intersection of psychoanalysis, literature, and philosophy. Grossman is a professor at University of Paris VII.

Matthew Cripsey studied philosophy and French and has a graduate degree in translation studies.

Details Paperback | 180 pages | 5 x 8" | Letterpress Cover | Cover Design by Jason Wagner

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