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  • Letter to an Inuk from 2022

Letter to an Inuk from 2022

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Letter to an Inuk from 2022
by Jean Malaurie
translated by Drew S. Burk
forthcoming June 2017 
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A vibrant call for cultural preservation by a French explorer and ambassador for the Inuit, responding to the disappearance of a significant part of human knowledge and its mysteries.

As climate change transforms the frozen landscape of the ice sheet in Greenland and future industries prepare to extract precious metals and petroleum, Jean Malaurie addresses a younger generation of Inuit, caught between assimilation into Western societies and their heritage of thinking with the earth and their environment. With his sweeping personal narrative as explorer, scientist, and goodwill ambassador for indigenous forms of knowledge, Malaurie calls upon these future inhabitants of a young nation to preserve their cultural knowledge as they adapt and evaluate pedagogical advances afforded by digital culture, to develop a healthful relation between future and past forms of sustainable living. 

Can the Inuit citizen from 2022 finally realize the dream of explorers? A North Pole without pollution, where an ecological humanism reigns. It is urgent to recognize the prescience of the indigenous populations and their obstinate will to respect the land upon which they live, not as latecomers to our current times, but as precursors to our future. Such is the force of their wild thought.

Jean Malaurie (1922) is a French cultural anthropologist and geographer. He was the first Frenchman to reach the geomagnetic North Pole by dogsled on May 29, 1951.
Drew S. Burk is a cultural theorist, editor, and translator of contemporary French philosophy.

Details Paperback | 66 pages | 7.8 x 10" | Illustrations: 15 | Cover Design by Jason Wagner

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