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Flusser Archive Collection

Vilém Flusser is one of the most influential thinkers of media and cultural theory as well as the philosophy of communication in the second half of the 20th century. But unlike certain thinkers of media culture such as Marshall McLuhan or Jean Baudrillard, most of his work has yet to attain the proper attention of the reading public inside and outside the walls of the academy. One of the reasons for this is due to the singular process by which Flusser constructed his thinking and writing. He is a rare polyglot who would write his texts in various languages until he was satisfied with the outcome. Fluent in Czech, German, French, English, and Portuguese, he has left an archive full of thousands of manuscripts in various languages. The Flusser Archive Collection will be a monumental step forward in finally providing an Anglophone readership with a collection of some of Flusser’s most important works.


Natural:Mind b..


On Doubt

On Doubtby Vilém..


Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of La..



Post-Historyby V..


The History of the Devil

The History of..