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Univocal Publishing is an independent publishing house specializing in artisanal editions and translations of texts spanning the areas of cultural theory, media archeology, continental philosophy, aesthetics, anthropology, and more. Each book is bound, cut and printed at Univocal’s atelier in Minneapolis. At Univocal, we pride ourselves on combining the earliest of printmaking techniques with the creative evolutions of the digital age, creating books that are meant to house the creative rigor and diversity of the writers and thinkers we publish. Univocal's books are archival and boast letterpress covers.

Variations on the Body by Michel Serres  |  video by Jason Wagner  |  music by The Books - There is no There
A short video illustrating Univocal's early book making process during the production of Variations on the Body by Michel Serres. The book was created at Univocal's atelier in Minneapolis with Letterpress covers.


Jason Wagner - Co-Founder, Publisher

Drew S. BurkCo-Founder,Director

Gina Newman - Production Manager, Printer

Lia Mitchell - Editorial Assistant